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The DVH Design Blog – Reloaded

9th March 2013

Welcome to the resurrection of the DVH Design blog.  After a 5 year break from blogging, I have finally got my act together and revived my blog to keep abreast of the latest topics affecting online businesses along with how-to’s and tips that might even make your life easier.

Before I proceed, I feel that I have to explain what actually happened 5 years ago when I abandoned blog and ran for the hills:  My main issue was most of my time was spent dealing with projects (which definitely isn’t a bad thing), but with the introduction of all these social networks at the time (I did say this was 5 years ago) my old faithful insurance company had decided that in order to cover all its clients for defamation online, they would bump their prices up by £600.  Now I was, and still am a small business, and £600 can buy a lot of more necessary things.  As a result, I thanked them kindly, took my blog down and spent the first 6 months of social networks treading on virtual eggshells.

Two things have changed since then:  First of all, as far as social media is concerned, the hype has died down and short of wiping the floor with a few trolls on Facebook (The chain letter posts are a particular favourite of mine), I am actually responsible enough to not warrant a lawsuit.  The second issue is that insurance companies have cottoned on that professional indemnity insurance is a nice little earner and so long their guidelines are followed, I’m actually paying less for my insurance than I was 5 years ago.

There was another reason why I have resurrected my blog:  Search Engines love information and resourceful websites as do people.  Who doesn’t search on terms they aren’t sure on?  A good few! I am an expert on web design and search marketing – I have after all lived and breathed it since 2000. But even I am still learning.  I will tackle this further in a future post because by then I should have visual evidence to prove it!

So sit back, grab your coffee and see what I have to say.  Feel free to comment or give me feedback with any of my posts. All I will ask is:

  • Don’t spam  the site comments are checked prior to being accepted and junk comments won’t even see the light of day. If you have a link that is relevant to the subject in hand then please do share it.  Just bear in mind that with any blog nowadays, links are automatically set to nofollow so link builders will be wasting their own time.
  • Don’t be mean At the end of the day, I am a human, and defamation, character assassinations and generally nasty comments just hurt my feelings for a moment, but still won’t get published.  Particularly nasty comments just get you banned.  If you think what I said was rubbish, why not explain why you think it was rubbish?  I’ll be listening.
  • Big me up For the same reason, I am human, a bit of praise is always welcome.  If I am doing a good job or got you thinking or taking action, please tell me.  My head might expand a little, but again that’s only a temporary effect.
  • Do ask for help  Shy babies don’t get any sweeties!   So if you would like me to elaborate on something I’ve covered or need a bit of general advice then please do feel free to leave a comment and I will answer it the best I can.


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