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SEO Services

You have the perfect website online, so where are those all important customers? Do they know where to find you? Do the search engines even know you exist?

Whatever your budget, DVH Design provide a range of SEO services to enable your website to get noticed for all the right reasons.

Not so much SEO, but Internet Marketing

The ever popular term SEO involves tweaking your website to improve your website ranking, but due to advances in media over recent years and trickery, this is now deemed less important. Writing compelling content, receiving quality inbound links to your web pages, email marketing, website analysis and social media are all vital for the success of a website. This is what’s known as Internet Marketing and this is what could give you the edge over your competition.

DVH Design provides an affordable search analysis service. This involves regularly monitoring your website’s performance, and working towards achieving quality inbound links for your website. We also make recommendations or changes as and when needed. This service can be for a fixed period of time or provided as an ongoing service.

New! Small Business SEO program

With the small business in mind, DVH Design now provide an intensive 6 month SEO program, teaching you how to both monitor and market your website the ethical way. To get you started, we also do the necessary research and groundwork, followed by training sessions so you can market your company on a shoestring, saving you money in the long term. Please contact us for further details.


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