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SEO in 60 Seconds: Little & Often

I have just realised that my last Blog post was back in February.  In my defence,  since my last post I have moved into a new office, had the new half of the house decorated, and run a half marathon.  But this 60 second SEO tip is simply this:  regularly contribute to your SEO campaign.

Writing a tweet about your latest products, tweaking your Adwords campaign in anticipation for Easter or just take a good old-fashioned analysis session, schedule a small amount of time (preferably at the same time each day) to focus on your SEO efforts.

No one has the time to focus all day solely on SEO.  Just like my 15+ miles per week half-marathon training is set out over 3 sessions of 5 miles.  Doing one session of 15 miles, wouldn’t be practical and would leave me feeling very exhausted and less likely to do anything for the rest of the week.

Some things may require more time and energy, but getting into a regular pattern of doing regular SEO can make the difference of being up there or down here.

And yes, I do practice what I preach.  🙂

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SEO in 60 seconds: Who are you anyway?

New websites are an issue with search engines.  They’ve found your new website, but for the first few months, they’ve got their eye on you to see what type of a website have they found.

Like any new relationship, trust is key.  Trust determines if your website is:

  • A trusted resource (good content that people appear to like/share),
  • Low quality (ok content but a bit samey and not much interaction), or
  • Spammy (links, ads, and or negative interaction).

Sites pop up all the time, and some disappear as soon as they reappear, so in a nutshell:  Are you going to be a good little website that’s around for the long-term, or are you going to mess us about, and then disappear?

When building a new website (or any website for that matter), it makes sense to implement SEO from the very early stages.  So use this time wisely:  read the search engine guidelines, get your good content out there and share it with the world.  And keep doing this regularly.

Sure, you probably won’t rank for any of your major keyphrases to begin with:  A couple of months, a few, 6 months, a year, but the sooner you show Google (et al) that your website can be trusted and not there to play either them or your visitors, the sooner you will start seeing results.

SEO in 60 Seconds: Keep your content compelling

You know you’re an expert in your line of business or a great salesperson, but how do you portray that to the outside world and potential customers?

Sure, some companies give away free samples so you can see how great their product is, but in cyber world there is something more valuable and sought after by many:  Free advice.

I’ll explain.  Search engines are used to give advice, answer questions and to find information.  the Google Hummingbird updates over the past year improve how Google handles conversational queries, for example, “Where is the nearest..?”, “how to…?”, and “where can I get…?”.

Therefore informative and compelling on your website is now key to the success of any online business.

For example an online boutique would maybe give advice on the ideal dress for a pear-shape. An Estate Agent, would review local towns and villages including local schools and facilities.

It does come down to time, but there are many ways you can deliver your content:  A 10 minute video from your YouTube channel, a post (or a quick tip) on your blog or a comprehensive downloadable report from your website. But spare the time and post regularly because it is worth it.  Your information will benefit your readers, demonstrate that you know your stuff and by doing so, Big G will recognise and reward you.

This is one in a series of SEO Shorts. For more short-term tips. Please subscribe to our weekly newsletter or RSS Feed

SEO in 60 Seconds: Keep it natural.

You’re working on your website, writing up some great content that contains lots of lovely rich keyphrases.  Just one quick question:  Who are you writing all of this for:  The search engines or your end user?

Sure the user cannot find your content unless they find it on the search engines first, but if you have written this purely for the benefit of getting your site listed, are your readers really going to stick around for manufactured tot that was merely spun off to keep Google happy?

Google has the reading age of a 14 year old, which for sophisticated software, is pretty good going.  So if you just keep your content clear, to the point and easy to read.  then both reader and search engine should be happy.  Keyphrases naturally occur and that’s fine.  But just don’t force it.

If you’re still unsure, give it to your Mum (or someone whos not in the know) to read.  If they haven’t got a clue what you’re on about then you definitely need to revise your content!

This is one in a series of SEO Shorts. For more short-term tips. Please subscribe to our weekly newsletter or RSS Feed

SEO in 60 Seconds: A Quick Word about Links

One way links to your website are good.  Very good.

But here’s the scoop: Getting your site listed in every online directory you can find no longer works.  Google saw to that with their Panda updates. The old tricks of commenting on other peoples blogs and forums is no good anymore as most of these have a nofollow setup, meaning that Google won’t … You guessed it.  So how can you get inbound links while Google make it so increasingly hard?

Google has and always will strive to become an resource and you should do the same, after all you are the expert in your field, right!

For example, If you’re a private tutor specialising in children taking their 11+, it would be good to write about the new changes to the exam. It would be even better to provide a few old test papers that children can complete and calculate their score.

You could also offer your expertise on other people’s websites.  Approach them & courteously explain what you can offer them and why they would benefit from your expertise.

It would certainly be more beneficial to your website and more fun, than wasting your time submitting the same information to directories that don’t even work anymore.

This is one in a series of SEO Shorts.  For more short-term tips.  Please subscribe to our weekly newsletter or RSS Feed


SEO in 60 Seconds: Google is your Friend

Google rules the roost, right?  Their search share is around 88% in the UK and they also own YouTube, Google+ Google Maps to name a few tools making it easier to find your business online.

So when you disrespect big ‘G’,  the rug is pulled from under your feet and your listings disappear pretty quickly.

How do you know whats right and wrong?  Google tells you in their Webmaster Guidelines.  It will take longer than 60 seconds but take the time to adhere to them.

Like reading instructions off a packet of seeds won’t make you a professional gardener, reading the Webmaster guidelines won’t turn you into an SEO expert, but it certainly tells you in black and white how to keep big ‘G’ happy and working for you.


This is one in a series of SEO Shorts.  For more short-term tips.  Please subscribe to our weekly newsletter or RSS Feed



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