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SEO in 60 Seconds: Keep your content compelling

18th December 2014

You know you’re an expert in your line of business or a great salesperson, but how do you portray that to the outside world and potential customers?

Sure, some companies give away free samples so you can see how great their product is, but in cyber world there is something more valuable and sought after by many:  Free advice.

I’ll explain.  Search engines are used to give advice, answer questions and to find information.  the Google Hummingbird updates over the past year improve how Google handles conversational queries, for example, “Where is the nearest..?”, “how to…?”, and “where can I get…?”.

Therefore informative and compelling on your website is now key to the success of any online business.

For example an online boutique would maybe give advice on the ideal dress for a pear-shape. An Estate Agent, would review local towns and villages including local schools and facilities.

It does come down to time, but there are many ways you can deliver your content:  A 10 minute video from your YouTube channel, a post (or a quick tip) on your blog or a comprehensive downloadable report from your website. But spare the time and post regularly because it is worth it.  Your information will benefit your readers, demonstrate that you know your stuff and by doing so, Big G will recognise and reward you.

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