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Just Launched: 12 Week Training Programme

25th September 2022

Deb Harrison from DVH Design Recording

I have been busy over the Summer months.  Not just with going on holiday but with planning and the setup of my new mini recording studio.

And today I am proud to officially announce my new 12 week web design programme.

Designed with business startups in mind, in just 12 weeks, I will guide you through setting up your own 5 page website.  I begin by setting up your hosting , encryption and WordPress setup.  From there, my 12-weekly video series will guide you through:

  • Setting up your own email address.
  • Setting up a temporary website coming soon page
  • Creating your own web template.
  • How to build each page and what you should include.
  • Setting up GDPR and privacy policy.
  • Testing and launching.

But we are not just offering the 12 weekly video series:  We will also provide a weekly accountability, a fortnightly Q&A Session on Zoom, and a Facebook Group.  We have also got set up a monthly Speaker in our Zoom group, to give you online and business advice.  This will be available to all our subscribers as a monthly resource.

After you have the completed the 12 weeks, you have the choice to either move your website away to your own hosting provider or subscribe for ongoing support and advice, maintenance updates and our online video library to add other elements to your website.

We are offering this 12 week programme for a one-off cost of £197.  However for our first 10 signups, we are offering this at a discounted rate of £147. 

We have 9 spaces left, so get in touch today to take the first step in the right direction for your online presence.


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