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How many pages should you have on your website? Part 5

30th July 2021

Page 5 Contact us

Page 5️⃣ – Contact us

I have touched on contact details being on every page (especially if your service is location based), but this page is the go to for all of your contact details.

So include your Business address, phone number(s) and a location map.

You can also provide details about your company location (for example, can people just show up at your address, or do they need to book an appointment?), your business hours, and any links to social media profiles or WhatsApp groups.

Alternatively, instead of an email address, you can also take this time to include an enquiry form so people can contact you directly. If you take this route then you should include:

Page 6️⃣ – Privacy policy.

This outlines how you handle and store any personal details volunteered by your online users and how long you keep it on file for.

Privacy policy wording can be obtained by either a solicitor, the FSB or an online privacy policy generator, such as


So there we have it, a brief rundown of 5 pages that you should be including on your website. Along with the content you should be including to get the best results from your users.

Have I helped? Please let me know in the comments below if you feel I have missed anything.


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