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How many pages should you have on your website? Part 4

29th July 2021

Page 4 - Testimonial/Review page

Page 4️⃣ – Reviews/Testimonials

So far we have given your users content to tell them about you and what you offer, even to the extent of blowing your own trumpet. But not everyone is that spontaneous, so page 4 should really be the page that both backs up your brilliance, and serve the slighly more sceptical visitors to your website.

This might come in the form of testimonials, case studies, a portfolio of your work, before and after shots, the list is endless!

You may have reviews on external sites like Google My Business or Facebook, but don’t be tempted to just provide a link to these pages. Remember, not everyone has an account and you want your users to stay on your website as much as possible. So include your testimonials here.

You can also use this page to display any awards or accreditations: Anything that proves you are a genuine and trustworthy business and not likely to do a runner with anyone’s money.


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