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How many pages should you have on your website? Part 3

28th July 2021

Page 3 - Services page

Page 3️⃣ – Services/Products

You have touched briefly onto your product or service on the home page, so it makes sense to include a service page to give your users further details into your products/services.

Remember your users cannot physically touch your products, but well written copy giving details, features, dimensions, additional options can more than compensate for that.

Also invest in a product photographer to take some professional shots of your product to really sell it to your potential customers.

People are impatient online, so make it as easy as possible for your customer to take action right now. So clear buy now buttons, a direct link to a quotation form or simply a link to your phone line enables people to take the right action on your website.

On an e-commerce website, this would be the shop page, where users can search for your product or search for what they would like to buy. These would also include product reviews, which we will look at more tomorrow.


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