SEO in 60 seconds: Who are you anyway?

20th January 2015

New websites are an issue with search engines.  They’ve found your new website, but for the first few months, they’ve got their eye on you to see what type of a website have they found.

Like any new relationship, trust is key.  Trust determines if your website is:

  • A trusted resource (good content that people appear to like/share),
  • Low quality (ok content but a bit samey and not much interaction), or
  • Spammy (links, ads, and or negative interaction).

Sites pop up all the time, and some disappear as soon as they reappear, so in a nutshell:  Are you going to be a good little website that’s around for the long-term, or are you going to mess us about, and then disappear?

When building a new website (or any website for that matter), it makes sense to implement SEO from the very early stages.  So use this time wisely:  read the search engine guidelines, get your good content out there and share it with the world.  And keep doing this regularly.

Sure, you probably won’t rank for any of your major keyphrases to begin with:  A couple of months, a few, 6 months, a year, but the sooner you show Google (et al) that your website can be trusted and not there to play either them or your visitors, the sooner you will start seeing results.

One response to “SEO in 60 seconds: Who are you anyway?”

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